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Brenda Nguyen - Secratary


A born-and-bred Philadelphian, Brenda grew up in South Philly and attended Central High School (270) in the Olney neighborhood. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and studying abroad in Spain and Hong Kong, she moved to New York City where she worked as a strategist for Firebrand Group — a digital marketing and research start-up company.

Shortly after, she returned to Philadelphia to begin planting and cultivating her social, professional, and civic roots in her hometown. Brenda serves as a board member of The Walnut Club, a grassroots women’s club focused on igniting a community of female leaders. She also coaches the Philadelphia Suns and the Philadelphia Starlings Club Volleyball teams, non-profit organizations focused on providing inner-city youth the opportunity to play volleyball at a competitive level.

Invigorated and fueled by individuals, spaces, and events, she hopes to connect and empower the many different people and communities in the City of Philadelphia. During her free time, she finds herself obsessively adding books to her Amazon wishlist, spontaneously booking flights to other cities, discovering new happy hours and cafés in Philly, and energizing herself with friends and strangers on the dancefloor.

Brenda currently works as a Commercial & Investment Real Estate Agent with MPN Realty in Center City and is a freelance photographer.